How to incentivize users to buy your products and services with common and AI tools

Incentivization is the heartbeat of customer engagement. It not only attracts new customers but also encourages repeat business. By offering incentives, businesses create a win-win scenario, providing value to customers while boosting their own revenue streams. It’s a strategic move that fosters loyalty, builds brand advocacy, and sets your business apart in a crowded market.

Common strategies for incentivizing people

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here. Most of these strategies you probably already heard of. If not, then it’s time to learn about them and plan something for next year.

If you are familiar, then I say, repetition is key. How many times do we try things once and then leave it there? Maybe this will remind you of a strategy you tried long ago and will give you the extra boost to do it again.

1. Discounts:

    • What it is: Offering reduced prices on products or services.
    • Good for: Attracting price-sensitive customers, clearing excess inventory, and driving immediate sales.

2. Loyalty Programs:

    • What it is: Rewarding customers for repeat business through points, discounts, or exclusive perks.
    • Good for: Fostering customer loyalty, encouraging repeat purchases, and collecting valuable customer data.

3. Limited-Time Offers:

    • What it is: Providing special promotions for a brief period, creating a sense of urgency. (I have another post on how you can make this happen with a countdown time. Head out here and read more.)
    • Good for: Prompting quick decision-making, boosting sales during specific periods, and clearing seasonal stock.

4. Bundling:

    • What it is: Packaging multiple products or services together at a discounted rate.
    • Good for: Increasing average transaction value, promoting related items, and enhancing perceived value.

5. Referral Programs:

    • What it is: Rewarding customers for referring new clients to the business.
    • Good for: Acquiring new customers through word-of-mouth, leveraging existing customer networks, and building a community.

The new age of incentivization: AI tools

Artificial Intelligence opens exciting avenues for businesses. I know it is scary for some people and I believe it is mostly because they don’t know how to use them or what possibilities they can provide.

Personalized recommendations, dynamic pricing, and AI-driven loyalty programs – just to name a few – are transforming the game. AI analyzes customer behavior, tailoring incentives to individual preferences. This not only increases conversion rates but also enriches the overall customer experience. And we’re all here to increase conversions!

Here are a couple of tools to consider in your business too:

1. Personalized Recommendations:

    • Tool:
    • What it does: Recommends products based on customer behavior and preferences.
    • Good for: Enhancing the customer shopping experience, increasing cross-selling, and driving repeat purchases.

2. Dynamic Pricing:

    • Tool: Prisync
    • What it does: Adjusts prices in real-time based on demand, competition, and other factors.
    • Good for: Optimizing pricing strategies, staying competitive, and maximizing revenue.

3. AI-Driven Loyalty Programs:

    • Tool:
    • What it does: Utilizes AI to tailor loyalty programs, rewards, and incentives to individual customer behavior.
    • Good for: Personalizing customer engagement, increasing loyalty, and understanding customer preferences.
    • This is my go-to app on Shopify. Really easy to use and very effective. Here are two sites where I used this tool with great success. Pranvera Skincare & Pacific Touch NYC

4. Chatbot Incentives:

    • Tool: Manychat
    • What it does: Integrates chatbots to offer personalized incentives during customer interactions.
    • Good for: Providing real-time assistance, engaging customers, and driving conversions through chat platforms.
    • Used by big names out there, like Jenna Kutcher

5. Find customers easier

    • Tool:
    • What it does: Helps B2C companies find their customers in the most scalable, cost-effective way, outperforming digital advertising by 100x. 
    • Good for: Getting customers easier with an intuitive sales outreach automation, the best consumer targeting data available, and the revolutionary power of AI.

Need budget-friendly options?

AI is new and if you want to use different tools that might increase your monthly costs. It’s easy to fall into the shiny object syndrome and want it all, but to start, pick only one tool and test it out.

Here are a couple of options for a budget-friendly choice:

Refersion manages and tracks referral programs efficiently. Has affordable plans for small businesses.

S Loyalty simplifies the creation and management of loyalty programs. Has scalable pricing suitable for growing businesses.

OptinMonster creates exit-intent pop-ups with exclusive deals, increasing conversions. Has budget-friendly plans for small businesses.

Remember to assess your business’s specific needs and budget when choosing tools and strategies, ensuring they align with your goals for incentivizing customers effectively.


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