Opt-In and Thank You Pages – Better User Experience for Business Success

Opt-in Page

Having an opt-in page is crucial for several reasons, especially in the context of building a strong online presence and fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

After all, we are all in the ‘relationship business’ – without strong client relationships, we’re not building sustainable businesses.

Here’s why having an opt-in page is important:

Builds Your Email List

An opt-in page serves as the entry point for users to subscribe to your email list. Building an email list is essential for establishing a direct line of communication with your audience.

Direct Communication Channel

Email provides a personalized and direct way to communicate with your audience. Unlike social media algorithms, you have more control over reaching your audience through their inbox. You can sent them emails and promotions anytime you want.

Targeted Marketing

Users who willingly opt in are expressing interest in your content, products, or services and are easier to target. You can send specific emails to each segment increasing their likelihood for interaction and conversion. This allows you to tailor your marketing efforts more effectively based on their preferences and behavior.

Establishes Credibility

Offering valuable content or incentives on your opt-in page establishes your expertise and credibility in your niche. For this, you need to know your target audience enough to know what they are struggling with. If you can hit that point, this can create a positive impression and build trust with your audience.

Increases Conversion Opportunities

Having an email list provides multiple opportunities to convert leads into customers. You can nurture leads through targeted email campaigns, promoting products, services, or special offers. Offering email sequences can warm even the coldest leads up and offering tripwire products can enter them into your world of magic.

If you want a free template of an email sequence you can use to warm your leads, click here.

Long-Term Relationship Building

Email marketing allows you to engage with your audience over the long term. Consistent communication helps build a lasting relationship, fostering loyalty and brand advocacy. It’s all up to you. You decide what the frequency is, what you send them and how you nurture that relationship. You have full control and also a responsibility. Pick your commitments wisely and stick to them. If you say you’re going to send bi-weekly newsletters after they sign up / get your freebie, then, by all means, do so. You wouldn’t want to lose their trust right away.

Analytics and Insights

By tracking user interactions with your emails, you gain valuable insights into user behavior. Analytics help refine your strategies, allowing you to understand what works and optimize future campaigns. There are multiple ways to use your email campaigns to build your business:

    • Send emails based on segments and see how they perform
    • Create A/B testing and analyse which subject line performs better
    • Try out different strategies – e.g sending multiple emails during a promotional period, or playing with FOMO.

Adaptable Marketing Tool:

Email marketing is versatile and can be adapted to various goals, whether it’s promoting content, launching products, or nurturing leads. You never should have all your eggs in one basket – meaning never solely rely on just one marketing channel because you never know what will happen with it. Any platform can close down or suddenly decide to make you pay for their services.

When you have multiple channels you can prepare for any downside strategically. Plus you can pick platforms that complement each other very well.


What is needed for an Opt-in page


    • Most people buy with their eyes, therefore, including a nice mockup or a picture of what they’re about to get after signing up is a must.
    • Make sure it looks attractive enough, and share multiple pages, and pictures if possible to build their interest.

Eye-catchy Headline

    • Just one sentence, a short & descriptive title
    • Add personality to it and use keywords
    • Get inspired by these examples:
      • “Supercharge Your Success: Grab Your Free Tips and Strategies for Business Growth!”
      • “Transform Your Business for Free: Enroll in Our Free Masterclass on Strategic Branding!”
      • “Don’t Miss Out for Free! Get VIP Access to Insider Resources for Business Excellence!”
      • “Boost Your Productivity for Free: Download Our Toolkit of Time-Tested Business Hacks!”

Descriptive Body Copy

    • Make this short & sweet too. Explain the transformation/outcome/tool/etc they will receive as they sign up.
    • This should complement the headline, not repeat it.
    • Use keywords and the language your ideal client would use.
    • Include words that speak to pain points, e.g done-for-you, easy tips, time saver, etc.

Simple form

    • Only ask for the most important information you need, e.g email and name (for personalization)
    • A descriptive button that will tell what will happen after they click “download the guide”, “access the resources” etc.


    • This is a must as most of the traffic will come from mobile. So the form and your opt-in page have to look good so as not to lose conversion opportunities.
    • Ensure all images and text scales to different devices (tablet and mobile as well).
    • Test it from different devices and browsers too.

Easy-to-remember Link

    • This is recommended when shared on social media
    • Could be e.g yourdomain.com/freebiename
    • Optimize title & description: this can be done easily with the Yoast SEO plugin (a free version is enough to start with) which allows you to change what shows up when you share your link on social media.

Free Opt-in page template

Download the opt-in page template and use it on your website.

The template only works with websites built with the Divi Builder.

After downloading, you should import this to your Divi Library.

Thank you page

A webpage, typically on your website, that leads are automatically redirected to after they complete your optin form.

Your thank you page serves several purposes:

    • it confirms to your lead that the form was successful and what to expect next;
    • you can give them more info about you and encourage them to follow you on socials, join your group, etc.;
    • and it also helps with tracking your conversions on Google Analytics, Facebook ads, etc.

What to include on a Thank you page

    • Keep showing your personality with your words.
    • Thank them for signing up and appreciate them for doing so.
    • Share a note and maybe a photo of yourself
    • Tell them what happens next, what should they expect
        • e.g if they need to confirm their subscription through double-opt-in, let them know that they need to look for that email in their inbox
        • if your emails might end up in spam, call their attentions to check the spam folder too
        • tell them what to do if they can’t see any emails from you, e.g reach out via email


Your Thank you page can be the next step for your users to engage with you and your brand. You can include here a couple of blog posts that can be interesting, resources to check out, showcase your portfolio, and share more about you. The goal is to keep them on your site so they read more and get to know you and your business better.

Free Thank you page template

Download the thank you page template and use it on your website.

The template only works with websites built with the Divi Builder.

After downloading, you should import this to your Divi Library.

If you need help loading these to your site or want access to my Showit templates, let me know at info@designyouneed.com


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