The 7 must-have Chrome extensions every business owner needs

We small business owners are notorious for making the most out of our days… and I’m no exception. I get as giddy about a new tool that will save me time, money, and energy as I do about awesome food (and I am a foodie by heart – and stomach :)). And tools that help me achieve super productive workdays are my all time faves.

One of the reasons I LOVE Chrome is due to the thousands of awesome (and free) Chrome extensions available that can do pretty much anything my exploring mind desires.

Here’s the list of my top seven life-saving Google Chrome extensions that can save time, and headaches and are fun to use.


1. LastPass

Tell me. Do you use the same password for each platform or have separate ones for each varying lower and uppercase letters with numbers? By the way, it should be the latter, but who is capable of remembering them all?

LastPass securely stores them all, and with the help of the Chrome extension, will automatically fill in your login details on all your saved sites. You can have super strong and unique passwords for all your sites and never have to remember a single one.

My favorite part is that you can share passwords securely with others, so for example if you need to give access to your social media accounts to your virtual assistant, you can easily do so and revoke the access whenever you want.

2. Komodo Screen Recorder

If you’re anything like me, typing out a description or things I need to explain to clients, friends or a support person who helps me with tech feels like a drain on your brain and energy.

Instead of writing texts, and steps and attaching screenshots, I use this tool and record my screen quickly with a quick explanation. No need to show my face if I am not in an acceptable condition either, lol.

The best part: it also creates guides from the recordings so you can use this tool to create training videos, onboarding materials, and any type of video with automatically created written instructions on the side.

The videos can be then linked or embedded on any platform.

I also use Komodo to record my meetings, and for short videos when sending clients other design proofs like logo concepts or website designs. Explaining on video why I’ve made particular design decisions builds trust with my clients, minimises requests for changes, and ultimately gets my projects wrapped up quicker.


3. Full-page screen capture

Full Page Screen Capture does exactly what it says. It even makes the process look fun as the Pac-man-like creature eats the dots showing you the time left to finish up the screenshot.

No matter how long the webpage is, with a click of a button you can get a screenshot of the entire page and then download it in PNG or PDF format.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is my best buddy every day as I write documents, emails, social media posts and create these blogs. I love that it is always on and shows me all the words that I mistyped.

If you want to maintain professionalism in your written communications this tool is for you. The free option can work for you just fine, but if you want more advanced support and check for plagarism, get the paid one and it will help with rephrasing your whole text for better understanding.

5. Image downloader

This bulk image downloader is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

You want to use images from your site on your social media or presentation but can’t recall where you saved them?

Just bulk download the images from your site and voilà! They’re on your computer ready for you to easily add to any project.

image downloader extension

6. Video speed controller

As someone who is very conscious about her time I want to make sure I get to as much knowledge as possible in as little time as possible.

My number 1 go-to tool for this is the video speed controller that appears on every video I watch and allows me to control the speed – usually to go 1.5x sometimes even 2x faster. This saves me time and helps to get through the topics quicker without losing the quality of it.


7. Web activity tracker

When it comes to productivity we all know that open tabs and distracting pages can be our number one enemy. Using this tracker can help you track time spent on the web, monitor your web usage, and limit and block distracting websites. 

The web activity tracker keeps track of how much time you spend on the web and presents the stats in a useful and intuitive way. You can set a daily visit limit for sites and block it after the expiration of the limit. Alternate work and rest times with Pomodoro Mode.

web activity tracker extension

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