Unlock Success: 15 Surefire Strategies to Attract Clients Anytime

1. Start an Affiliate Program

What it means: Collaborate with individuals or businesses to promote your products/services in exchange for a commission.

Why it’s good: Expands your reach exponentially as others actively market your offerings.

What to do: Set up a system for affiliates, provide promotional materials, and ensure a fair commission structure.

2. Host a FREE Masterclass

What it means: Share your expertise in a live or recorded session, showcasing your knowledge and subtly pitching your offerings.

Why it’s good: Establishes authority and builds trust with your audience.

What to do: Plan an engaging masterclass, promote it across platforms, and have a clear call-to-action at the end.

3. Prepare for a Profitable Sale with any campaign

What it means: Capitalize on the shopping frenzy by offering discounts or exclusive deals during your campaigns (e.g Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s day, etc) period.

Why it’s good: Creates a sense of urgency, driving sales and attracting new customers.

What to do: Plan your sale in advance, create compelling promotional materials, and ensure your website is ready for increased traffic.

4. Revamp Your Sales Page

What it means: Optimize the content on your sales page to resonate with your target audience and encourage conversions.

Why it’s good: Improves the effectiveness of your sales funnel and enhances user experience.

What to do: A/B test different elements, refine your headlines and calls-to-action, and focus on customer benefits.

5. Success Stories: Client Spotlight Series

What it means: Share real success stories of your clients through various mediums like IG lives, stories, podcasts, or videos.

Why it’s good: Builds credibility, inspires trust, and allows potential clients to envision their own transformation.

What to do: Collect and showcase testimonials, collaborate with clients for interviews, and share transformational content consistently.

6. Marketing Makeover: Expand Your Marketing Horizons

What it means: Explore new marketing channels such as email, podcasts, or guest appearances to diversify your reach.

Why it’s good: Reaches audiences you may not have tapped into through your existing channels.

What to do: Research new platforms, tailor your content to each, and develop a strategy for each channel.

7. Reconnect with Past Clients

What it means: Extend special offers or updates to clients you’ve worked with in the past to encourage repeat business.

Why it’s good: Capitalizes on existing relationships, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

What to do: Create exclusive offers, send personalized messages, and express gratitude for past collaborations.

8. Follow Up on your Waitlist

What it means: Reach out to individuals who showed interest but didn’t commit during your initial launch.

Why it’s good: Converts potential clients who may need an extra nudge.

What to do: Craft compelling follow-up emails, offer incentives, and address any concerns or questions they may have.

9. Host a Live Q&A Session

What it means: Engage with your audience in real-time, answering questions and providing valuable insights.

Why it’s good: Builds a sense of community, trust, and authenticity.

What to do: Promote the session in advance, encourage questions, and be prepared to address a variety of topics.

10. Ask for Referrals

What it means: Encourage satisfied clients to refer others to your business.

Why it’s good: Leverages word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most powerful forms of promotion.

What to do: Implement a referral program, offer incentives, and express gratitude for referrals.

11. Boost your IG Stories

What it means: Increase the frequency of mentioning your offers in your social media stories.

Why it’s good: Capitalizes on the ephemeral nature of stories, creating a sense of urgency.

What to do: Plan a consistent schedule for mentioning your offers in stories, use engaging visuals, and include clear calls-to-action.

12. Add a Tripwire

What it means: Introduce a low-cost offer that leads to more sales after someone opts into your email list.

Why it’s good: Lowers the barrier for entry, turning leads into customers more easily.

What to do: Create an irresistible low-cost offer, integrate it into your sales funnel, and ensure a seamless transition to higher-priced offerings.

13. Share Case Studies

What it means: Showcase real transformations by providing detailed case studies.

Why it’s good: Adds authenticity and allows potential clients to see the tangible results of your offerings.

What to do: Collect in-depth case studies, highlight key milestones, and share them across various platforms.

14. Share the Story Behind Your Offer

What it means: Connect with your audience by sharing the motivation and uniqueness behind your product or service.

Why it’s good: Differentiates your offering and establishes a personal connection with your audience.

What to do: Craft a compelling narrative, share it through your marketing channels, and highlight what sets your offer apart.

15. Offer a Sneak Peek

What it means: Give your audience a preview of your new offer through platforms like IG stories.

Why it’s good: Creates anticipation, generates excitement, and humanizes your brand.

What to do: Plan a visually appealing sneak peek, share it across platforms, and encourage audience interaction.

Feel empowered to choose the strategy that resonates most with you and aligns with your business goals. Each tactic has the potential to drive success, so go ahead and make your mark in the business world! And hey, if you had to focus on just one, which strategy speaks to you the most?


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