Books to read in 2024 – my recommendations for business owners

I remember as a kid my dad used to read us bedtime stories which I really loved. He always encouraged us to read and even though it felt annoying when I wanted to run around, play, and have fun, I’m forever grateful that he planted the seed of loving books and reading in the first place.

I’m the weird one who loves to smell books and sniff them at each bookstore, haha,  but they can smell so good. I wonder when will someone make perfumes out of them. I would buy it for sure!

I am also the one who feels like the more I read the more I want to know and I am interested in different topics. Yes, mindset and business have been major ones since I became an entrepreneur in 2018, and I wanted to share my favorites.

1. Dr. Tererai Trent – The Awakened Woman

Discover the power of resilience and determination as Dr. Trent shares her remarkable journey from a humble beginning in rural Zimbabwe to earning her doctorate. The Awakened Woman is a testament to the strength within, urging readers to pursue their dreams against all odds.

It is also incredibly motivating and inspiring to know how women live in certain places of the world and what seems to be normal to us to have if a daily struggle for survival for them.

2. Jen Sincero – You Are a Badass at Making Money

Sincero’s no-nonsense approach challenges limiting beliefs about wealth. If you want to learn how to embrace your financial power, cultivate a positive money mindset, and take bold steps toward the financial freedom you deserve, then this book is for you.

For me, her style and honest approach was the best part. It was one of the first books that helped me look at my limiting beliefs in a way that it actually helped me move forward.

3. Marie Forleo – Everything Is Figureoutable

I’ve been following Marie Forleo since 2017. She’s actually the reason why I started my business as she was the first ever to change my narrative and help me believe I could. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the first step, plus to keep going, and her programs and wisdom opened the doors for me to amazing clients and even better friendships.

Forleo’s mantra challenges obstacles head-on, empowering readers to adopt a solution-oriented mindset. Everything Is Figureoutable inspires me and resonates with me on a deep level, as I also believe that there is a solution to every problem.

4. Robin Sharma – The 5 AM Club

Sharma’s 5 AM Club introduces the power of a morning routine to maximize productivity and well-being. I grew up in a family where waking up early was normal and part of daily life and this stuck with me in my adult days too.

I started to wake up earlier than others already during college and embraced the silence of the morning hours to have some time for myself. After reading the 5 am club, I used that time to improve my mindset, healthset, and soulset and it was a game-changer.

Still, until today I use my early hours to learn, journal, and work out setting the tone for my days ahead.

5. Grant Cardone – Be Obsessed or Be Average

I came across Grant Cardone in 2022 and in the beginning, he seemed like a typical sales guy who doesn’t care about anything, just money. Yes, he can seem pushy and relentless but his books are actually really good if you are in need of motivation.

He was the first that made me understand, that no matter what industry we’re in, what job we do, we all are selling something. An idea to our partner, a salary raise to our bosses, or our services to our clients. It’s all about selling, and if we don’t learn the effective ways of selling, we are never going to get anything done or achieved.

Cardone’s unapologetic approach encourages relentless pursuit and commitment to your goals. With this, and his other books you can also learn how passion and obsession can drive extraordinary success in business and life.

6. Donald Miller – Building a Story Brand

For me, this book was the one that showed, that when it comes to selling it’s not me who should be the hero of my client’s life. I am only the guide and they are the heroes, and that makes a huge difference.

It helps you understand to put yourself aside and make your audience the center of your story, look at their needs, and what they want, and not always talk about your experience, your lessons,etc.

7. Barbara Stanny – Secrets of Six-Figure Women

I finished this book shortly before December 2023 and it was the perfect time for me to learn about the mindset of 6-figure business. There’s no surprise in me telling you, that I would also like to earn 6-figure, in fact, multiple six figures. I also know that it’s not just about work but a lot about mindset.

Understanding how successful women got where they are and how they handle it has been a great inspiration and have practical ideas that stand time.

8. Alan Weiss – Million Dollar Consulting

I used to be a software consultant in my twenties and worked for a large corporation. I learned a lot about effective consulting and how to deal with client situations. They were all practical and useful when I had to face clients for months thousands of miles away from home, in Idaho.

Up until today, I do consulting daily with my own clients in my own business, hence why developing my skills became important. That is why I really enjoyed Alan’s book. It helps you learn the principles of value-based consulting, positioning yourself for success in the competitive world of business consulting.

9. Evy Poumpouras – Becoming Bulletproof

I am so glad there are more and more badass women writing books and inspiring others to become badasses too. Poumpouras shares lessons from her experiences as a Secret Service agent, which I had no idea about earlier – I mean what it takes to actually get in, especially as a woman.

I loved hearing her stories and how she learned resilience, adaptability, and self-defense that I can apply also to navigate my life’s challenges fearlessly.

10. Rachel Rodgers – We Should All Be Millionaires

Rodgers challenges societal norms and empowers women to embrace their financial power. I guess I have been drawn to women like her lately to empower myself even more as I am improving and scaling my business.

This book provides a roadmap for breaking through barriers and achieving financial abundance. I specifically like the step-by-step process and easy-to-apply tips.

I listened to it on Storytel, so the audio version and there was an extra part at the end – a masterclass – she did for her audience where she shared even more steps to take and that make it easy to follow the guidance shared in the book.

11. Gabrielle Bernstein – Judgment Detox

I believe we are all judging. It’s ingrained in us and most of us were raised to be even more judgemental. But there is a way out and that can be done with this book.

I remember the first time I read it, I felt ashamed of all the judgment I have towards others and most of all, myself. And it’s not like you read this book, or any and then you suddenly stop judging, but it’s a start.

A very good start to navigate the path to forgiveness, self-love, and compassion, fostering a positive environment for personal and professional growth.


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