Linktree or your own landing page? I vote on a landing page

With all of us being busy and handling multiple balls in the air it’s tempting to seek quick solutions. Enter Linktree, a seemingly convenient way to corral your social links into one tidy package. It’s like the express lane for the internet, right? Well, not so fast. Linktree might seem like an easy way out but could secretly be throwing a wrench into the well-oiled machinery of your business.

What can you do instead?

Well, if you already have a website, you can easily create a new page and set that as your social links page. 

Here are a couple of reasons why you should pick your own website and landing page over Linktree.

1. Google Analytics:

Imagine having a personal detective for your online presence. Well, that’s what Google Analytics is, and your landing page is its favorite case study. You get insights on who’s knocking on your digital door. Linktree? It’s like telling the detective to take the day off.

In other words, if you use Linktree you’ll drive people to Linktree’s page increasing their traffic and not your site. When all of us are trying to get Google’s attention and rank our sites as high as possible, making this mistake can set your traffic back a lot.

2. SEO Boost

Search engines love well-kept gardens, and your website is the crown jewel. When your social links are nestled in your landing page, search engines give you a nod of approval. Linktree? It’s like trying to plant flowers in someone else’s garden. Your SEO won’t bloom.

And my friend, if you spend a lot of time on SEO or even money, hiring someone to do it for you, then this would be a complete waste…

3. Rule Your Kingdom

Your website is your kingdom. You decide the rules and what to put on the page. There are no limitations. With Linktree, you’re like a guest in someone else’s house. No redecorating allowed. Your landing page, your rules. You’re in control.

4. Conversion Command Center

Let’s get down to business. A landing page on your website is a conversion powerhouse. You can guide your visitors with precision. You can add as many sections, information, text, images, videos, galleries, or whatever you want to keep people on your site and lead them to sign up or purchase from you.

Best thing? You can analyze all traffic, and check where people landed, saw, and at which point they left. Implement Hotjar to see how people navigate on this page. Learn more about Hotjar in this post.

Linktree? It’s like handing out a map to your party but telling them to check out other parties nearby. Confusion central.

5. Trust the Home Base

Finally, People trust what’s familiar. Landing on your site feels like coming home. They already saw your brand on social media, your colors, and fonts and if you keep a consistent brand image, they will feel safe and secure with you. All of this builds trust. And trust, my friend, is the stepping stone to sales.

Linktree might make some visitors hesitant because, well, it’s not your cozy corner of the internet.

Want a quick fix?

It’s not Linktree, it’s so much better!

Download my free WordPress social links layout and use it today to set yours up quickly.


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