Struggling with abandoned carts? Use these emails to increase sales

Shopping online – a modern convenience, but for businesses, the abandoned cart phenomenon is a silent menace. You’ve likely experienced it: a potential customer adds items to their cart, then vanishes into the digital ether without completing the purchase. It’s not just a missed sale; it’s a lost opportunity. Enter abandoned cart funnels, your secret weapon to turn those near-sales into victories.

Understanding the Abandoned Cart Dilemma

An abandoned cart occurs when a visitor adds products to their online shopping cart but leaves the website before completing the purchase. It’s a headache for businesses, representing lost revenue and potential customer disengagement.

Why Avoiding Abandoned Carts Matters

Revenue Leakage

Every abandoned cart is money left on the table. Recovering these potential sales is crucial for the financial health of your business.

Customer Retention

Frequent abandoned carts can signal a disconnect between your products or website experience and customer expectations. Addressing this can improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Techniques to Keep Visitors Engaged

1. Streamlined Checkout Process

Make it easy for customers to complete their purchase. A complicated or lengthy checkout process increases the likelihood of abandonment.

2. Clear CTAs and Product Information

Ensure your call-to-action buttons are clear, and product information is easily accessible. Uncertainty can drive customers away.

3. Exit-Intent Pop-ups

Use exit-intent pop-ups to capture leaving visitors. Offer a discount, prompt for feedback, or provide additional information to entice them to stay.

When Prevention Isn’t Enough

It’s possible that you did it all on your site but still have people leaving their carts. That is totally normal. If you think about it, it probably happened to you too that you were shopping around on a website and suddenly got a call, your boss came around, or were distracted by someone. Then you completely forget about the cart and the shopping itself. This is when abandoned cart emails came in handy!

Abandoned Cart Funnel Techniques

Abandoned cart emails or funnels can be a savior when it comes to lost sales. These are emails you can set up to be sent automatically to the person who left the cart unattended.

Usually, there are 3 emails sent – but you can add more based on your business objectives and ideal client.

Email 1 – The Friendly Reminder (1-2 hours after abandonment): A gentle nudge reminding customers of their abandoned cart and offering assistance.

Email 2 – The Incentive (24 hours later): Provide a tempting offer like a discount or free shipping to sweeten the deal.

Email 3 – FOMO Strikes (48 hours later): Create urgency by highlighting limited stock or high demand for the items in their cart.

Below you can find email templates you can use in your business as well. Tweak it to fit your own products/services and make sure to use the language and keywords your ideal clients resonate with.

Pro Tip: Use a plugin that allows you to incorporate the details of the cart and show which items were left there. This will give a more personalized experience to your users.


Email 1 – The Friendly Reminder:

Subject: Forgot something? Your items miss you!

Hey [Customer’s Name],

We noticed you left something special behind! 🛍️ Your cart is patiently waiting for you, and we thought we’d send a quick reminder in case you got sidetracked.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to hit reply – we’re here to help!

Happy shopping, [Your Brand]

Subject: Psst! A little something to sweeten the deal 🎁

Hi [Customer’s Name],

We hate to see those awesome picks in your cart go to waste! To show our appreciation for your interest, here’s a special treat: [Discount Code/FREE Shipping/etc.]!

Use code: [CODE] at checkout and make those items yours. But hurry, this offer won’t last forever!

Happy shopping, [Your Brand]

Subject: Don’t Miss Out! Limited Stock Alert 🚨

Hello [Customer’s Name],

Time is running out! Your cart is still holding some fantastic finds, but we wanted to give you a heads up – these items are in high demand, and stock is limited.

Seize the moment and complete your order now before someone else does! Your favorites are just a click away.

Happy shopping, [Your Brand]

As you can see, these are quick and easy emails to set up but their value can be immense.

Make sure to track their effectiveness. Look at your data regularly after you started implementing these emails and see how they perform. You can then always tweak the texts, change the offer and see what resonates with your users more.


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